Hate f-cking Leonardo DiCaprio

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Bobbie Brown, who was Tommy Lee’s blonde before he married Pamela Anderson, known as one of the hottest rock groupies of the late 80s and early 90s, has written a memoir. She and Lee had a violent relationship. And when he left her for Pam, Bobbie says she started “hate-f-cking whoever out of anger”. One of the people she claims she hate f-cked was Leonardo DiCaprio. This is before Titanic. Here’s how Bobbie describes it:

"We went back to his place that night. Leo had barrettes pulling back his dirty blond hair. He turned on some music and started singing the TLC song 'Waterfalls' to me. It was weird -- I wasn't into it at all.”

I want you to picture that, please. I want you picture Leonardo DiCaprio working a broad by singing Waterfalls.

Little precious has a natural obsession for temptation
But he just can't see
She gives him loving that his body can't handle
But all he can say is, "Baby is good to me”

And then Bobbie says he pulled down his pants to show her his giant cock.

"When I pulled his pants down I was like, 'Holy sh-t.' I'd just been with Tommy Lee, but Leo looked huge. But the whole thing was awkward, and we didn't hang out much after that.”

So… Leonardo DiCaprio’s signature move back in the day was to get a girl horny by throwing down some TLC before whipping out his big dick which he still hadn’t learned how to use properly.

One day he goes and takes a glimpse in the mirror
But he doesn’t recognize his own face

Check out Leo sunning his face in New York the other day. Does a big dick make up for lame ass moves? Would you rather an average sized dick on a guy who doesn’t sing Waterfalls at you before sex?


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