Dear Gossips,

It’s been 6 weeks since Leonardo DiCaprio, Alpha Wolf, won the Best Actor Oscar for being cold in The Revenant. And we were all supposed to look back on his performance and his award season run with reverence and awe. Last night during the MTV Movie Awards, Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Hufflepuff, and Kevin Hart dedicated an entire rap song to Leo’s achievement.

“You’ll always remember where you were when Leo got f-cked by a bear.”

That moment was immediately followed by Kendrick Lamar presenting the cast of Straight Outta Compton and they got up on stage and opened with a joke about the Academy. All night long MTV was reminding us that their show is about “movies that you’ve actually seen”, which, sure, but their show is also one giant commercial. So, maybe, whether it’s a Golden Oscar or a Golden Popcorn, both can be bought in their own ways.

In other Leo news, The Wall Street Journal’s been investigating the business practices of Red Granite Pictures. Red Granite produced The Wolf Of Wall Street and apparently went full Wolf Pack to impress Leo for his 38th birthday in 2012. The WSJ alleges that they spent $600,000 to acquire Marlon Brando’s Oscar for On The Waterfront to present to Leo as a gift. And supposedly company executives, perhaps hoping for induction into the Wolf Pack, competed with each other over champagne service, eventually spending nearly a million dollars on bubbly that was brought out by half naked girls with sparklers tucked into $25K magnums. Isn’t that every Friday night for Leo though?

Leo was at the Islanders game the other night with his Beta Wolves Kevin Connolly and Lukas Haas. This is how he behaved – front row seat, back row attitude.

Yours in gossip,