We were just talking about Pitbull. And I can’t get that line out of my head:

“I’m from the dirty, but that chico nice”

Feel That Moment… should really be Leonardo DiCaprio’s theme song. Because he feels EVERY moment.

Where’s the party for the next month?

It’s in Brazil. For the World Cup.

Guess where Leo’s at?

Of course. Brazil. For the World Cup.

Leo never misses a party. And I get it. I get Brazil for the World Cup. I want to be in Brazil for the World Cup too. But remember…

It’s not like he’s taken a party break since Cannes. He partied through Cannes, then he went home to LA, and he partied with low level reality show stars from The Hills, and now he’s reportedly renting a huge yacht for 21 friends in Rio de Janeiro and the party never stops. He’s an equal opportunity party man, you see? He’ll go high, he’ll go low low low…

As long as it’s a party, Leo is coming.

Y’all call it a moment. He calls it life.