It’s old school – Leonardo DiCaprio was in Vancouver yesterday with Tobey Maguire and Lukas Haas who is working on Red Riding Hood (starring Amanda Seyfried), a film that Leo’s company is producing. These are the OGs, they’ve been friends for almost 20 years, maybe more, and it looks like a trip without the ladies, an afternoon of ice cream and cigars, and a camera to commemorate the occasion – why do I love that it’s hanging off Leo’s shoulder?

It’s been a long time since Leo has affected me the way he did in that Rolling Stone shirtless photo earlier this summer. You’ve seen the shot right? Lo first brought it to my attention and she’s right: it’s MAN. The interview wasn’t bad either, especially the part when he acknowledges he was a mouthy punk bitch when he was younger and reflecting on how lucky he was to have burned his sh-t off before blogging and tweeting made that impossible to keep private.

Having said that, he always rolled with the same crew. And more often than not they made good decisions, they were wild temporarily but not wild for too long, and seemed to always look out for each other. Which is how they made it, to Vancouver, and a little reunion in Canada.

“I got to be wild and nuts, and I didn’t suffer as much as people do now, where they have to play it so safe that they ruin their credibility. I didn’t care what anyone thought…. It was also about avoiding the tornado of chaos, of potential downfall. It was, ‘Wow, how lucky are we to not have hung out with that crowd or done those things?’ My two main competitors in the beginning, the blond-haired kids I went to audition with, one hung himself and the other died of a heroin overdose… . I was never into drugs at all. There aren’t stories of me in a pool of my own vomit in a hotel room on the Hollywood Strip.”

Next up Leo is playing J Edgar Hoover under the direction of Clint Eastwood. Leo and Clint? Now that’s a set you want to be on.

Exclusive photos from Punkd Images