Leonardo DiCaprio was in Vancouver this weekend to check up on the Red Riding Hood film and attend the wrap party. Bar Rafaeli was with him, as was his mother, although when they were departing at the airport, to avoid being photographed, he had Bar go through a different entrance. While in town, Leo also hooked up with Tom Hardy, his co-star from Inception. They were out together on Friday night.

Hardy arrived earlier on Friday with his fiancée Charlotte Riley. I love a man in a simple grey tee. And his jeans fit so well too. No question, I’m with Tom > Chris Pine. Pine also flew into Vancouver this weekend to begin work on their movie This Means War in which the two assassins go head to head over the affections of Reese Witherspoon.

Tom has a movie banked called Warrior about mixed martial arts, and since the buzz of Inception, he’s considered to be one of the hottest young properties in Hollywood who can handle the physical but who also has talent to go down the dramatic route. See Bronson. This of course is why he’s been chosen for Mad Max: Fury Road. Sigh. I love him. And he’s here.

Exclusive photos from Punkd Images