Leonardo DiCaprio was in New York yesterday in support of the Divest-Invest Coalition. Click here to learn more about the initiative and its goal to promote clean energy economy.

As you can see…well…it’s Leo’s face again. After over a year of having to look at his heavy beard, grown and kept for The Revenant, he’s recognisable. Which probably means that those of you who’ve been skeeved by him aren’t so skeeved anymore. Just a shave and it’s that easy, isn’t it?

They’re saying that Leo’s work in The Revenant will likely earn him another Oscar nomination. Many think he’s overdue for an Oscar win. Leo’s been nominated four times so far. In 1994 it was in the supporting category for What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and the winner ended up being Tommy Lee Jones in The Fugitive. No argument there, right? In 2005 it was Best Actor in The Aviator which ultimately went to Jamie Foxx in Ray. No argument there, right? In 2007 Leo’s performance in Blood Diamond took him back to the Oscars but the Best Actor was Forest Whittaker in The Last King Of Scotland. Also no argument there, right? And in 2014, Leo’s The Wolf Of Wall Street went up against Matthew McConaughey in Dallas Buyers Club. You know what happened. Is “overdue” really the right word here?

It’ll be a tight fight for Leo again this time. Johnny Depp is in there with Black Mass. Everyone’s talking about Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs. Eddie Redmayne is looking to repeat. And then there’s Leo, the one who might want it the most. You think that’s a good look for him?