And here he is…

According to TIME Leonardo DiCaprio is the smartest celebrity on Twitter based on the fact that his tweets use big words with more than 2 syllables. Seriously. That’s their measurement. Apparently the reading comprehension level of Twitter users averages at a fourth grade level. So all you have to do if you’re famous to appear smart is to drop words that sound complicated.

You know why this list doesn’t matter?

Because #2 is Pattie Mallette, JUSTIN BIEBER’S MOTHER.

And #8?


JK Rowling is #32, below Justin Bieber’s mother and a member of the Jersey Shore.

Also, Patton Oswalt didn’t make it.

That’s how seriously you should take this list.

Here’s Leo in Miami – of course Miami – this weekend continuing to make you forget about Romeo + Juliet. Or even The Departed.