Alejandro G Inarritu and Leonardo DiCaprio were joined by the cast of The Revenant, which I like to call The Struggler, because that’s what happens, he struggles, at the NY premiere last night. Note Tom Hardy isn’t there. I’m sure the official reason is that he’s working. And the subtitle to that official reason is that he’d rather be working than on a red carpet, certainly not with his recent media issues. The more Tom doesn’t show, does it make Leo look even thirstier? Is it possible to look thirstier than Leo?

Just in case you missed it, Sarah namechecked Leo in her post about Emily Blunt, Benicio Del Toro, and Sicario yesterday – click here for a refresher. So good it should be repeated. In Sarah’s words:

“I spoke to one Academy voter who told me Leo D has his vote because ‘I’m afraid if he doesn’t get it this time, next time he’ll be hooking his nuts up to a car battery’”.

Leo’s going to win. And part of the reason he’s going to win is because some members of the Academy just want to get it over with. Which is actually kind of the best. Like, not here Leo, you were so good in this film, we have to give it to you. But, hey Leo, just f-cking take it so that we don’t have to deal with you anymore.

I mean, he wouldn’t be the first. Sandra Bullock alluded to it in her Oscar speech a few years ago. You’ll recall, she opened with:

“Did I really earn this, or did I just wear y’all down?”

That was her first Oscar nomination and her first win. She didn’t wear them down though. She charmed them over. Leo? Leo is definitely wearing them all down.