So far today we’ve posted articles on Bryan Cranston, Matt Damon, and Michael Fassbender from the Palm Springs International Film Festival – all Best Actor contenders working the voters before they submit their nomination ballots on Friday. Will Smith was also there, by the way. As for Eddie Redmayne, he was in LA right up until just before Christmas, supporting The Danish Girl as much as he could (click here for a refresher), and then flew home to London with his pregnant wife, Hannah Bagshawe.

Not being in Palm Springs because you’re with family celebrating the news of your future child? No problem. Not being in Palm Springs but making headlines instead for being in St Barts with Justin Bieber for New Year’s Eve?

Well, some would argue that Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t have to worry about the nomination. He’s guaranteed an Oscar invitation with all that STRUGGLING he struggled for in The Revenant: The Struggle. And he’s pretty much guaranteed a win at the Golden Globes on Sunday. So why shouldn’t he be partying on a yacht with a massive water slide, surrounded by models that have been flown in from around the world, smoking cigars with euro billionaires, and hanging out with Justin Bieber?

Justin performed at Leo’s big bash on NYE. They hung out several times in 2015. Click here and here for refreshers. This was covered over at Billboard and PEOPLE, right next to photos of everyone else in Palm Springs, back at work. The word on Leo is that the older segment of the Academy doesn’t take him seriously. If that’s true… ummm…

Forget about Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin.

Please more Leonardo DiCaprio + Justin Bieber.