The post previous to this one was about Lily-Rose Depp, 16 turning 17, and her 24 year old boyfriend. At one point, when I was writing that article, the thought crossed my mind that she’s only a year and a half, two years, tops, from entering Leonardo DiCaprio’s preferred age range. And just 8 years from exiting it when she becomes 25. Then I checked the photo agency and, oh look!, new pictures.

Here’s Leo, leader of his very own Wolf Pack – with accompanying sound effects – in Tokyo today promoting The Revenant, because, as I mentioned the other day, The Struggle is not over. I do wonder though how his Asian audience is going to receive him as Hugh Glass. Pretty Leo, without all manner of arachnid growing in his beard, is how they prefer him there. Pretty Leo is how they’ll always remember him, like this:

Is it getting harder to squint out that memory?

F-ck you, Lainey, for judging him on his aging looks. Yeah, f-ck me indeed. Because no matter what he looks like, Leo will never have to worry about his job.

And speaking of jobs, he does have several lined up, including The Devil In The White City, another collaboration with Martin Scorsese but since they announced that last August, there’s been no word since about the schedule.

Hopefully then, for Leo, his schedule will remain clear at least until after the Cannes Film Festival so that he can immerse himself fully for a true holiday. It’s been such a long, trying year.