Obviously not for the reason I’ve been jizzing about all week but since Blake’s baller-ness is my favourite thing in life right now, this totally works.

Here’s the post for Clint Eastwood’s upcoming J Edgar starring Leonardo DiCaprio who just got his balls cut off by a TV Gossip Girl. OMG. I love her. Leo’s Hoover is supposed to be ...cantankerous? Doesn’t matter what adjective you substitute in there, the poster is nothing without a performance and, well, this is how I felt about the trailer?

Like I said, I hope it’s just a bad clip. I’ve attached it again below in case you missed it the first time. For real, what is that accent?

Anyway, they’re saying that if J Edgar lives up to all the Eastwood/DiCaprio/Dustin Lance Black hype, it could be up for some Oscars. IF. Remember when Leo took Gisele to the Oscars in 2005 and looked like he was going to throw up the whole time? I’ve attached a sh-tload of Gossip Nostalgia pictures for you to enjoy here. They broke up later that year.

And this is why I’m starting to believe that it really was Blake who walked out on him. Because What.A.Miserable.F-ck. After it all wears off, the Leo Titanic-ness of him, what girl with any self esteem (so Jessica Biel need not apply), would ever want to be with that?