With the internet etc these days, I don’t understand why they don’t just pimp themselves domestically too. It used to be that Hollywood celebrities only endorsed products – and a lot of products – overseas because, for the most part, we don’t see so much of it here in North America. But I feel like all that’s changed now. Or maybe I just live online a lot more than your average consumer who would hold it against him?

Anyway, here’s Leonardo DiCaprio today in Paris shooting an ad for Mobile Guangdong OPPO for cell phone users in China. Apparently his paycheque for the gig is $5 million. That’s a lot of cigars.

As you can see, the ad is an action hero movie. It’s raining. He’s slick and dodges some girl on a bike. There’s a lot of squinting. A sprint too.

You know, I finally realised today what (also) bothers me about Leo, physically. It’s his running. He’s not an attractive runner. In fact, I don’t think he has a good gait either. I am not a cute runner. In fact, my running is straight up ugly. The ugliest. Maybe that’s why it quivers me in a man. Because I lack a graceful gait and a goodlooking run. Anyway, I don’t think Leo has one either.

Photos from Bauergriffinonline.com and KCSPresse/Splashnewsonline.com