Leonardo DiCaprio spent Thanksgiving with his bonafide of 2015, Kelly Rohrbach. We know this because of social media. Before we get to that though, I want to remind you of the time Kevin Connolly, one of Leo's life bros, took a photo of all of them in Vegas when they were there for Mayweather vs Pacquiao. Remember that? It was in the hotel suite. And Kevin had to put a star over Leo's face. HE COVERED HIS FACE WITH A STAR.


Fight night with the boys in Vegas... BIG night!!!!

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Kevin knows his boy. His boy runs for the nearest dumpster in order to avoid being seen because...because he's a movie star who lives the movie star life, with the movie star access, with the movie star benefits, but doesn't want to make the movie star sacrifice.

Which is why even his best friends have to cover his face on Instagram.

Until. Unless.

Oh. Is it Oscar time?

Because if it's Oscar time, let's do this.

Let's show the world what you were doing for Thanksgiving. Let's get photographed lying on the ground and have it posted by a random who didn't have to sign an NDA because you're just so chill like that, so fun like that, so easy like that.


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You know, it’s almost satisfying, really. That going for Oscar is so democratising. No matter who you are, you’re reduced to having to try for it, to get desperate for it. That in pursuit of Oscar, Leo too has to put on a monkey suit and dance, dance, dance for it. That he’s had to come down from his sanctimonious “I’m an artist, don’t take my f-cking picture” mountain and hold his hand out and say please. I think I’m actually enjoying this.

Thanks Kristen!