Remember Leonardo DiCaprio’s birthday last year? He partied in New York with his ma and a roomful of Victoria’s Secret models. Click here for a refresher. Leo’s birthday, he’ll be 38, is on Sunday. And apparently just in time. Because he’s single again.

US Weekly is reporting that Leo and Erin Heatherton have been cancelled after 10 months due to scheduling. Michael K from Dlisted said it best last week in his coverage of the story:

"Hand me that Victoria's Secret catalog, I need to order a new angel"

A few people asked me over email the other day whether or not I think Leo’s next girlfriend accessory will be an actress this time and not a proper model, breaking his Gisele-Bar-Erin trend, with several more short hookups in between that are too numerous to name. Actors, whatever gender, are high maintenance, insecure, mega-management required. He would know. He is one, and he works with them. Given that he doesn’t exactly seek stimulation above the waist with his romantic choices, I’d expect him to want to keep it simple. No, Gisele was never simple. She became less and less simple the more she matured. Gisele outgrew Leo. And Leo has to keep starting over, at simple. You see the pattern? Pick one of the runway and done.