Leonardo DiCaprio is exhausted. The man, he works too much. He works too much and too hard on movies. And now, now he needs a break. He needs a long break. He owes that to himself. Leo recently told Bild, a German publication that:

"I am a bit drained. I'm now going to take a long, long break. I've done three films in two years and I'm just worn out."

So now he’s in Miami with his boys, chilling by the pool, calling up some local models for entertainment and companionship. What counts as a long, long break? Several months of the same? As long as it takes for Leo to feel rested. Let him have that, OK? He deserves it.

Also, I’ve decided that thanks to Hollywood, Vegas, and celebrity sycophants, many of them friends of Leo, it is not possible to not look like a total douche while smoking a cigar.