On Friday, Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio both attended the AFI gala. I found a photo of them together. And, obviously, my immediate association was Romeo & Juliet. Only one of my all time favourite movies. Click here if you missed that post.

Anyway, fuelled by nostalgia, I went looking for my Romeo & Juliet DVD on Friday night.  And, well, pretty much had it on replay all weekend. Which is how my Five List got updated.

1.Leonardo DiCaprio
2.Matthew McNulty
3.Jim Sturgess
4.Jordan Staal
5.Nathan Stewart-Jarrett


I totally forgot how f-cking beautiful he was. It was never Titanic for me. It was always, always Romeo.

Let me play you the fish tank scene. I suggest you watch it alone. Not for any pervy purpose but because he falls in love with her so convincingly, with that exquisite face of his, at 22 years old, that you can’t help but feel so hopelessly involved yourself, never mind Shakespeare’s incomparable words describing their instant legendary connection, I promise you won’t want anyone to see you go through it, nor will you want to share it with anyone else.

Look at how he looks at her through the glass. And at the very end, when he gently nudges his nose in her direction...

Those eyes access every girl’s socialised expectation of romantic yearning, you can’t possibly resist. And that belonged to the first era of our discovery of Leonardo DiCaprio’s gift - beyond the modelising and all the other shenanigans we know him for now, he was and is a spectacular talent.

And oh my God he was pretty. SO pretty.

So I see him now, at the Globes last night, and it’s not the same face, but it still kinda is. And that’s what’s sick as sh-t: I’m not actually sure which one. Also it’s not that I don’t know he’s gross either, because I do.

Give me a week or so, I can work this out. That’s the great part about being fickle. Things pass very quickly. Until then though, you may be seeing a lot of him on the site. Sorry?

Oh and PS - we should revisit the definition of the Five List. Because it has nothing to do with personality. This is not your boyfriend; this is one free pass.