At least he’s not diving into a trash can. Check out Leonardo DiCaprio with Toni Garrn at the farmers market in Beverly Hills yesterday putting some distance between each other for the paps but not enough. We still get them in the same frame. But he is ridiculous, isn’t he? I’m not saying he needs to start dry humping her at the produce stand but it actually turns into more of a spectacle when he starts pretending he doesn’t know her and gives her a wide berth.

But can we talk about her jeans? They’re likely super designer. Like Isabel Marant. But I promise you if you hit up a Chinese mall, you’ll see a lady who looks like my mother, with a plastic visor on top of her head, wearing exactly the same pair. Actually, I think the Squawking Chicken might have a pair…with some rhinestones. Sometimes it’s a fine line between high end and Chinese mall fashion.