Leonardo DiCaprio is famously private. He does not want you in his business. He hates being on camera unless Marty Scorsese is behind it. Or Christopher Nolan. You get it. How uncharacteristic then that last night at the Laker game, Leo was front and centre with Bar Rafaeli, newly reunited. Photo Assumption says he’s uncomfortable, knowing he’s being shot, but still...

It’s not like it’s his first time. It’s not like by some miracle the paps would have taken the night off.

We saw Leo on Sunday at the Globes honouring his favourite director. That was a great montage, non? Until that gratuitous promo for Shutter Island at the very end. Couldn’t they have made it less obvious?

Shutter Island hits theatres February 19th, pushed back from last Fall. These two do not make sh-tty movies. Not sure yet whether or not it’s another Scorsese masterpiece but it won’t be a stinker. Mediocre, maybe, but definitely not a stinker. I would totally see it but I’m a weak ass when it comes to these pieces.

Also at the game – one time GOOP and Drew B boyfriend Luke Wilson who, um, isn’t growing gracefully, and tennis legend Pete Sampras. Pete used to be one of my boyfriends. Like the fantasy scripted dialogue kind of boyfriend. Before he started hanging out with assholes. And then he slagged my Tina Fey. And then Andre Agassi wrote a book and said he was cheap. Like SUPER cheap. Like a dollar tip for the valet. Ideology is one thing. But cheap is another. Cheap is a major dealbreaker.

Photos from Splashnewsonline.com