I feel like that title should be more specific. Leo at the club – Cannes May 16, 2016. Because he’s always in Cannes. And he’s always at the club in Cannes. And he’s always, always at the club in Cannes surrounded by models.

The other night the model was Georgia Fowler who clearly managed to keep Leo’s attention – with her hand on his face, with whatever scintillating anecdotes she was sharing with him in the middle of the dance floor, with his dance floor fingers because he knows the beat.

You know what I’m curious about though? Tobey Maguire. Some, if not most, of the members of the Wolf Pack have followed their leader’s lead. Why would Lukas Haas find a regular when he can hold out his arms and take the models that Leo rejects? Tobey, however, has been married, presumably happily, for many years to Jennifer Meyer. So Tobey goes to the club, with Leo, and not only doesn’t catch the discards, his wife is totally fine with it. Because Leo and Jennifer are tight. And perhaps he’s assured her: Not on my watch, my boy won’t step out on you on my watch. If that’s the case, for Leo, does Wife Code supersede Bro Code? And do you believe it?