There was an article on PEOPLE  yesterday about how Leonardo DiCaprio was at the same restaurant in New York three times in the last week. It’s called Merchants River House and they had his order down to specific detail: warm spinach and artichoke dip all the time, steamed chicken dumplings, French toast, an omelet, and even his drinks, vodka and lemonade and pink guava lemonade.

Well sh-t. Does he own the place? If he doesn’t own the place I wonder if he’s going back. He didn’t go yesterday. Yesterday he was at the old standby, Bar Pitti.

If it’s up to Martin Scorsese, Leo’s extended break might be ending soon. They’re trying to get The Wolf Of Wall Street out for a Christmas release. Which would mean that he would have to start promotion and interviews (magazines etc) for it in November to accommodate the holiday schedules etc. Unless, you know, he wants to take the Chris Hemsworth Thor 2 approach: as little as possible. It’s not likely he would do that to his old friend Marty though.