It was confirmed last week that Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf Of Wall Street is 3 hours long, opening at Christmas. And they had to rush it. Originally the film was scheduled for November but Scorsese wasn’t finished cutting it. Somehow they were able to find a new date on the calendar, pushing aside some other movies so that Marty and Leo could be part of award season.

The Wolf Of Wall Street screened for a few of the guilds this weekend to start building momentum. According to a dick-sucky report on Deadline, the reception was very, very, very strong. There were standing ovations. There were erections. And now everyone is talking Oscar, especially for Leo for Best Actor.

Right now, at this point in the race, the five actors with strongest support seem to be Chiwetel Ejiofor, Bruce Dern, Robert Redford, Tom Hanks, and Matthew McConaughey. So…who does Leo bump? Does Tom Hanks say to himself, well…I already have two, I’ll just step aside for someone else, and not bother campaigning? Because McConaughey isn’t going to give up, no f-cking way.

Formal reviews for The Wolf Of Wall Street have been embargoed until closer to the movie opening. Click here for more on the reaction so far. The common consensus is that the film is raunchy but hilarious. If it were about a group of women though, engaging in all that debauchery, would they still be praising it so enthusiastically?