Steve Jobs, starring Michael Fassbender, is not doing well at the box office. Variety published a piece this week analysing its underwhelming performance and one of the reasons might be that Michael Fassbender, while excellent in the role, doesn’t have the star power to draw the kind of audience they were hoping for. The studio now is hoping that the film receives some nominations to boost its run. Thing is, if it had brought in some more money, that would have boosted its chances for awards too.

So…who gains?

Leo gains.

Fassbender had the early lead for Best Actor. But it’s like figure skating, isn’t it? They always leave room for the later skaters. And everyone’s been leaving room for Leo in The Revenant. And with Steve Jobs not exactly buzzing after its release, Leo’s looking pretty good.


As you know, The Martian continues its very, very strong run. Matt Damon is now part of the conversation. In fact, Joanna just sent over three links about how The Martian is making a major move here, here, and here. So while Leo might not have to worry so much about Michael Fassbender anymore, he will have to look over at Matt, who knows how to campaign. And has just as many, if not more, allies in the business than he does.

Here’s Leo at the Studio City opening in Macau last night. He reportedly received $12 million dollars for being in the short film that Martin Scorsese directed to promote this property along with Robert De Niro and Brad Pitt. Everyone wants that Chinese gambling money. Click here for a refresher. I guess it wasn’t in Brad’s contract to show up to this thing?