Thanks to everyone who sent this over to me yesterday. There were so many of you, and I’m honoured to know that when you come across an item online directly related to Leonardo DiCaprio’s thirst for Oscar, your first thought is me.

That said, we are obviously not the only ones who’ve observed Leo’s desperation. It’s a fact so widely acknowledged that it’s inspired a video game called Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage. Want to play? It’s pretty addictive. I wasted half an hour last night over dinner trying to unite Leo with the one love of his life. Those quaaludes keep f-cking me up and I swear I was breathing heavy trying to get past all those paps and the iceberg. Click here to try. Or watch below if you have sh-t to do today and can’t piss away your time on Leo’s quest for Best Actor. 

ACT HARDER! Gameplay from The Line on Vimeo.

In other Leo news, UK gossips are reporting that after the BAFTAs on Sunday, he invited several hot blondes back to his hotel to party. Supposedly he and television personality Laura Whitmore were seen getting really close – click here for a couple of shots of them talking - but she’s almost 31 years old so I’m having a hard time believing he wasn’t repulsed by her age. There are also reports that he may have been dealing with a model called Roxy Horner although she’s denying it on Twitter which is so interesting to me that women, whether or not they did or didn’t, don’t want to be known for sleeping with Leo anymore. Because if you’re a model and you f-ck Leo, it’s basically the antithesis of originality.

Here’s Leo out for dinner last night in London with Ridley Scott.