Leonardo DiCaprio was an internet star this week. And, refreshingly, it had nothing to do with a Victoria’s Secret model. I’m amazed too. Still.

The first trailer for The Wolf Of Wall Street was released the other day. Click here for a refresher. The highlight that most people took away from the preview was the shot of Leo busting a move in his tuxedo. Who knew he could flex so good?

That, of course, quickly turned into a GIF. Everyone GIFed that sh-t.

I haven’t yet so here you go:


Now you know what everyone will be asking him at the junket. He will probably refuse to do it. And if Fallon can get him to, well, now you know why he’s getting Jay Leno’s job.

Here’s Leo on his bike yesterday with a friend. Before you go thinking it’s a romance though, the agency is identifying her as Emily Daniels, who is married to his friend Alex Mace.