So here are more details behind those photos of Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio hugging on a yacht in the French Riviera yesterday.

Leo and his boys were with Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw. Then Blake showed up. They all greeted each other. She also hugged Lukas Haas. Gave him a friendly kiss on the mouth. Then Spielberg gave her a tour of the boat.

Leo and Lukas hit up the de Grisogono party at the Hotel du Cap last night. Blake was not with them. As usual, while everyone was DRESSED, Leo rolled in in jeans and ball cap. Well, he gets away with it. After that event wrapped, I’m told by multiple sources that he then headed over to a private villa for a small-ish party where it was literally 5 models for every 1 guy. Here’s how it was described to me:

“Compared to the quality of the girls here, Blake Lively is Sears catalogue.”

Needless to say, everyone was getting a lot of action. Of all different flavours. You can imagine how some of it was passed around too. Put it this way, if Leo’s actually hitting Blake, she is sharing him with a lot of other side-dishes. Remember what his standard is, right?

Last night I actually saw Bar Rafaeli up close and personal on the carpet of The Beaver which I still love saying. I’m telling you, that body, in person? It’s mental. It’s better live than in photos. For real. Her waist to ass ratio …it defies dimensional logic. TINY waist. Powpow & juice bringing up the rear. Dylan and I perved her going up the stairs. Like, there is no arguing with it. Especially from behind. Later on we asked ourselves if ever actually ended up looking at her face. I don’t think I looked once at her face. Dylan said it was a glance, but there was too much going on below the neck.

Blake is hot, no doubt. Her body is tight, totally. But Bar and her ilk? That is a whole other level. Doutzen Kroes for example was at the premiere too. I mean… it’s almost a different species.

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