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Dear Gossips,

TIFF announced last week that Leonardo DiCaprio’s documentary, Turning Point, will screen at the festival this year. Turning Point “chronicles (Leo’s) campaign to raise global awareness about the dangers of climate change in his role as a UN Ambassador of Peace”. Presumably he’ll be in Toronto to support it. For the parties, obviously, but also because, as we know, he cares so much about the environment. It’s all he ever thinks about.

If he comes to TIFF though, will journalists be allowed to ask Leo about the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation? And, specifically, about how the LDF may have “benefited directly from DiCaprio's relationship with key figures in the (‘world’s largest embezzlement case’)”?  Yesterday The Hollywood Reporter published a detailed article about Leonardo DiCaprio, the Malaysian Money Scandal, and his “Unusual” Foundation, subtly questioning his charity’s legitimacy, not just because of all the bro-time he’s spent with Jho Low, the swagger starf-cking billionaire who is allegedly the main scammer in the scandal, but also for his foundation’s lack of transparency. The LDF is set up so that they never have to disclose where they get their money from or how they exactly they spend it. Like what’s the cost of that model-mogul party he throws every year in St Tropez? You know, the one where for every billionaire at a table, there must be 5 Victoria Secrets surrounding him?

In addition to including commentary from charity experts who express disappointment that the LDF hasn’t been more forthcoming about its activities, suggesting that Leo’s fame and glamour privilege him from public suspicion, THR also brings the gossip. Gossip about the decadence of the LDF fundraising events. Gossip about the Leo lifestyle and the hypocrisy that may exist between his crusades and his indulgences. Also, this:

“Is the LDF's global finance chairman, Milutin Gatsby — a Serb likely originally known as Gijic — operating under a pseudonym?”

Leo hangs out with a dude who renamed himself… GATSBY?!?!

He and his friends run around as the Wolf Pack. Some of his associates rechristen themselves after the characters he’s played. THIS is Hollywood’s coolest fraternity, really???

Will Leonardo DiCaprio ever speak to The Hollywood Reporter again?

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