Leonardo DiCaprio is in Saint Tropez. Likely some rich dude’s boat. He apparently hosted a fundraiser last night. I guess the strategy is to invite a lot of models, and some wealthy men, generosity ensues, and everyone can go home feeling good about themselves.

He really must have a bat signal for them, models I mean.

Last week, Leo was in Miami. His boys were with him. His girl was not. It happened to be Swim Week. Lots of swimsuit models everywhere. Lots of swimsuit models alongside him and his posse. Like 25 deep. That’s, like, 5 models for every dude. A source told the NY Daily News

“It’s Swim Week, so bikini models from all over are in town. It’s just crawling with them. Leo and his guys came down specially. None of them were filming or in production; there really aren’t too many good reasons to be in Miami in July. They just came to follow the models.”

It’s that easy when you’re Leonardo DiCaprio. Why try? When you can model-crawl all around the world wearing top knot and a paunch, seriously, why try? It would be nice if he could work in a few more of those kung-fu kicks into his daily schedule though.