The Great Gatsby junket happened in New York this weekend. Here’s Leonardo DiCaprio at the press conference. Are you feeling his open shirt? I am not feeling his open shirt. Would it kill him to sell this movie the way he looks in this movie?!? This is not important to the Actor, Lainey. Really? You don’t think his appearance had anything to do with why Baz Luhrmann put him in the f-cking movie? I love the way he looks in the movie.

“But I just let myself go...”

Come on.

You’re 20 again the way he delivers that line.

Here’s a new trailer for the film:

Gatsby opens on May 10. I’ll be in Vegas on my own that week for work and on the Saturday night, I think I might go see it by myself. And I’m more excited about that than I ever thought I would be.

Also attached -- Carey Mulligan walking hand in hand with husband Marcus Mumford yesterday in New York.