Leo loves models. And really… can you blame him? He is after all a total dude. A dude who once trolled the club scene with what was known then as his “p*ssy posse”. At the very least, he has a certain aesthetic standard. And as you can see, Bar Rafaeli very much lives up to it.

Bar and Leo have been enjoying a bit of down time on vacay, lounging by the pool, soaking up the sun, doing jack f&ck all the way rich people do. That’s quite a body, non? As far as models go, she does look like she eats food. This is refreshing.

She also smokes though…like they all do. To stay off that nasty appetite.

You will note – Bar is one year older than Ms Lindsay Lohan, who looks 15 years her senior. Most of it, of course, is genetics. But Lilo’s face was, at some point, very, very beautiful. And if she’d spent less time ravaging her body, the comparison could be much, much closer.