Nunavut. Don’t get a lot of celebrities in this part of Canada. And few expected to see Leonardo DiCaprio there this weekend. Leo wasn’t partying in Portofino on a billionaire’s yacht on Independence Day? He wasn’t in Vegas? Or a rager in Miami? Not even the Hamptons?

No. Surprisingly. Instead he was in Nunavut, apparently camping outside Pond Inlet. Locals then posted photos on social media:




Incredibly Leo was accompanied by a model in jeans. Who?

Here’s a closer look

Kelly Rohrbach, basically solidifying her Bonafide status. But why wouldn’t she be his bonafide, right? Remember, Kelly is Leo’s ultimate douchebag Build-A-Girl – click here for a refresher. She wears the sh-t out of a bikini, hangs with the boys, eats hotdogs, “nothing offends” her, and she goes camping too? Marry her then. What’s stopping you?