Two new tv spots were released yesterday for Les Miserables, my favourite movie of the year. I already know it will be. I know I will love it. There is no way I won’t love it. The clips were broadcast across several networks during election coverage.

Anyway, obviously, I cried during both. Especially the 90 second preview because... I dunno...I think they slowed down I Dreamed A Dream with Anne Hathaway singing. It sounds sliiiiiightly different from the version they put out a few months ago. Clearer somehow. But still super emotional. I’ve attached both below.

In other Les Miserables news, the studio has confirmed the film runs 2 hrs 32 minutes -- shorter than The Dark Knight Rises! I always complain about movies being too long. I promise you I won’t complain about this one.

Also, Hathaway hosts SNL this weekend. Annie’s always good on SNL. I can’t wait.