We’ve had a couple of requests come in recently for Leslie Bibb and Sam Rockwell, one of my favourite un-Swoki low-key celebrity couples. And they have endured! Here they are getting pizza in New York today.

I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who doesn’t appreciate Sam Rockwell. But Sam Rockwell movies can sometimes be underappreciated. But the thing about Sam Rockwell is that I don’t think he minds. He works. A lot. He works year after year, he turns in good work year after year, and he never seems to have to “work” to get the work, you know? He does the press when he has to. He doesn’t ask for more press when he doesn’t have to. And it’s a solid, impressive career. With a solid private life too. So, no, there’s not much to say about him and Leslie except for the fact that they’re still together. And connected, in one of the most random ways – at least to me. Marvel! Specifically Iron Man. He will likely not come back. But Leslie is still being called on from time to time to reprise her role as Christine Everhart, the Vanity Fair reporter who, if memory serves, Pepper referred to in the first Iron Man as “the trash”. Dialogue written perfectly for Gwyneth Paltrow.