Leslie Jones confirmed on Twitter yesterday that she will indeed be heading to Rio for the Olympics. According to The Hollywood Reporter she’s being added as a “contributor” to the broadcast and she should be there for the weekend just in time for the start of the track and field events which is what she’s been asking about in her tweets. Imagine her yelling “ZIG ZAG MOTHERF-CKER” during the hurdles.

I mean I can imagine it. But I’m not sure they’ll air it. Which is the next step. Leslie Jones’s Olympic fangirling and her fans have gotten her to Rio. In Rio though, they have to let Leslie be Leslie, the same Leslie who’s been cracking us up on Twitter, shouting at spectators, shouting at dick commentators making dick-ass comments, shouting at the women’s rugby sevens athletes because she can’t believe how tough they are, and saying SLAYYYYYY like every 5 minutes. That’s Leslie. And Leslie has to be Leslie especially if there is some Boy Sh-t going down.

Boy Sh-t is the Best Sh-t. And there was the most epic Boy Sh-t last night at the pool. NBC has taken a lot of criticism the last few days for their embarrassing coverage. But let’s give them a “well done” for showing us the footage from the warm-up room before the men’s 200 fly semi-final featuring Michael Phelps and Chad Le Clos swinging their dicks.

Listen to these two men cackling – CACKLING! – over the Boy Sh-t! Don’t ever, ever, EVER let anyone tell you that gossip is exclusively a woman’s business.

Yes, NBC. This IS wonderful television. Between this moment and bringing on Leslie Jones, NBC, you are showing some improvement. Now don’t f-ck up the women’s team gymnastics tonight.