Dear Gossips,

“I just wanted to feel beautiful, y’all!”

That was Leslie Jones, making the required “award show accountant moment” the most interesting it’s ever been. The Emmys did a lot of things right last night. And one of those things was to find a way to involve Leslie Jones in the show, the way a lot of people are trying to involve Leslie Jones in their shows. Which is such a satisfying f-ck you. Leslie Jones gave the finger to her haters on a huge stage, on television’s biggest night. Every time they mess with her, she comes back in a bigger way – either at the Olympics or the Emmys. So, basically, if they ever hack her again, she’s going to host the Grammys and the Oscars, sleep over at the White House, or be invited to Beyoncé’s.

Duana and I will have full Emmys coverage on the site today. So far we have over 40 posts planned and we started earlier, like at 1am ET, so the content will likely be spread out over several pages. Please scroll down and click VIEW MORE to get caught up on all of it. And please send us your comments, your rebuttals, all of your shouts and swears. We’re working on an all-nighter here and we need you to keep us going!

Yours in gossip,