Dear Gossips,

Today is Leslie Jones’s birthday. And she came back to Twitter this weekend to celebrate her birthday week. Leslie took a break from Twitter for almost two weeks after her website was hacked. Leslie’s first posts upon her return were about the Golden Girls. Then she thanked her fans for their support:

That’s what you do, right? That’s how you tell them to f-ck off: by getting back up. But what still bothers me is the fact that she was knocked down at all. And that the getting back up is an act that’s incumbent upon her, a solitary endeavour that happens only after the wrong has been committed, thus doubling down on her isolation. Prevention and protection, however, is a community enterprise and requires participation from more than just Leslie, the victim. The question is…where do we start and/or how do we continue? I’m too stupid to know or figure that out but I wonder if that would be the ultimate gift.

Leslie spent her birthday eve at the Kanye West show last night. Check out how happy she looks:

What makes Leslie the best of course is not just her enthusiasm but her randomness. Like after all this Twitter time she still can’t figure out where the actual camera is:

Happy Birthday, Leslie Jones. As she would say, #LJSlayAllDay

Yours in gossip,