This fall, the front side has been all backside. And we just happened to team up with Cottonelle at the height of bum time (even VOGUE is declaring it the “Era of the Booty”!) to highlight and nominate the best celebrity butts in Hollywood, because they’re all about celebrating and pampering the Behind. More on the method below but first we finish off our series of best celeb rear views. 

We started with JLo’s amazing butt shots on display with Iggy Azalea and their aptly named collaboration.  Then we gave a nod to Channing Tatum and his unforgettable strip scene from Magic Mike.  And we finish off with your nomination. SO many of you nominated this bum that there was no other choice…  

But Charlie Hunnam.

You may have initially met his bum in Queer As Folk. If you watch Sons Of Anarchy, I know you know his bum from, well, all those sex scenes. Unfortunately, I can’t post any of those, um, shots. If you were at Comic-Con though, you would have seen a G-rated version of it. And happily it was released online a few days later. Even Charlie knows his bum is a commodity. How much do you regret that he decided not to sell it to Fifty Shades Of Grey?

So what about all this butt pampering? Cottonelle features a few products in their line-up but the highlight is their good old dependable Cottonelle toilet paper. I never feel like it’s going to rip when I’m taking care of business back there and it never does. But it’s also super soft and you don’t get that raw burn. Come on. We’ve all had experience with the raw burn. Bottoms up with their Fresh Care Wipes and you’re good to go. 

Check out the full line-up of products at or on their Facebook page here.  And tweet me your top celeb butt of all time with the hashtag #cottonellebestcelebbutt

Attached: Charlie Hunnam on the set of Sons Of Anarchy last week.