Liam won’t talk Miley in Manila

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 15, 2013 13:22:40 March 15, 2013 13:22:40

Here’s Liam Hemsworth arriving in Manila today as brand ambassador for Bench. Journalists were held to pre-selected questions and given strict instructions not to ask personal questions. It’s his first official public appearance since all the speculation started about whether or not he stepped out on Miley Cyrus with January Jones and hit on Emma Watson. As they’ve not been together in at least two weeks while he spent time with family in Australia, word is they’re done. Or taking a break. Or done but not permanently. Or not done but thinking about not being done.

Every day it changes.

Yesterday PEOPLE reported that Miley was still hopeful about their relationship and has definitely not called off the wedding. Now a source is telling E! that while “(it’s) been a bit rocky, (they) are not giving up. They both want it to work.”

Sad, non?

Because those messages are probably coming from her side. And, well, it’s almost like she’s trying to get him to hear her. Um, hi, I’m still mad at you but I can’t let you go, will you please come home?

Maybe he’s on his way?

Liam was supposed to be in Florida for film promotion on Tuesday but E! reports that his appearance has been cancelled, obviously wanting to avoid the media in the midst of whatever it is he and Miley are trying to sort out...and perhaps his itinerary has changed? And he’s heading back to LA for a decisive confrontation?


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