Yesterday I wrote about Kathy Griffin’s new book and some of the people she sh-ts on and some of the people she adores. Miley Cyrus is one of the people she adores. Kathy has taken it to Miley in her stand-up. And you know how super-sensitive celebrities can be when they’re mocked and made fun of. When Kathy met up with Miley after skewering her though, it was cool. Or, rather, it was “kewl”, which is how Miley says “cool”. Miley was wearing a tank top that was sheer so that in photos, you could see her entire breast. When Kathy told Miley what was happening, Miley, instead of covering up, pulled her top up to her neck instead and started grooving her hips. Kathy fell in love with her. This is probably the one thing I have in common with Miley – I love flashing people too. Anyway, in that same story, which took place a few years ago, Kathy also wanted to tell Miley not to marry Liam Hemsworth because she was “way too young to get married to that f-cking stiff”.

As we know, they didn’t end up getting married. They broke up for a couple of years and now they’re back together, so maybe Liam’s not so “f-cking stiff” anymore. Miley turned 24 yesterday. She showed off some of her gifts on Instagram.

Remember a few weeks ago when she told Ellen how she felt about her engagement ring? That it wasn’t her style but she only wears it because he loves her? I guess he was listening.

Looks like Liam went all out for Miley.


Best bday surprise ever from my loviessssss πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– coming home to soooo much L.O.V.E!!!!!!! Wow !

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This, I think?, is her first birthday since they got back together. Perhaps it was extra special. And check him out reciprocating the love on social media too:


Happiest birthday to my favorite little angel!

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Am the only pervert looking at this shot, of her in bed, and she’s clearly naked under that sheet, and she’s got that glow on her face, and I’m like…umm…what just happened?  

Here's Miley on The Voice earlier this week.