Remember a few weeks ago US Weekly reported that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth were in-betweening each other? Click here for a refresher. Then she came out as genderqueer and bisexual and everyone stopped talking about him again. Except to give him some spillover side-eye about Independence Day 2 and how Mae Whitman was cut out from the movie for supposedly not being “hot” enough with Liam as her supposed love interest. Maika Monroe was cast instead. Oh and also, as Sarah says, he’s the “Lesser Hemsworth” and his big brother’s been making all the good headlines so …now it makes sense to me that he and Amber Heard were in a movie together that no one saw.

But sh-t, he looks good. He’s good for looking good. The Lesser Hemsworth has always been my rub type. Check him out in Malibu yesterday. And Miley was papped too wearing really cute coveralls. I just got a pair of leather ones and haven’t worn them yet. Maybe I’ll wear them to the Smithsonian tomorrow!