Liam Hemsworth is starting promotion for Independence Day: Resurgence. I have a lot of affection for Independence Day. That’s why I can’t be mad at this movie even though it’s probably stupid – most Roland Emmerich movies are.

Anyway, Roland, Liam, and Jeff Goldblum were in Berlin today. It’s Liam Hemsworth. But…not everyone knows this. Because he’s been mislabelled all over the place:

Remember that time he got all pissy at Comic-Con when he thought he heard a reporter call him “Chris” when the reporter’s name was actually “Chris” and that’s how he was introducing himself? It’s a raw nerve for Liam. So if he found out about this, while he’s promoting his big blockbuster, it probably wouldn’t go over well. What’s important though is whether or not this big blockbuster will ensure that Liam will never be mistaken for Chris after it comes out. That may have been one of the reasons to take the project, non?