True. Brad Pitt is totally hot when he’s with his kids. There were some photos a while back of him with his boys Maddox and Pax in Venice or something… adorable.

But he’s not the only one.

The other ones are just underrated. Let’s give some love then to Liev Schreiber. Here in LA with his firstborn – so blonde! – hanging out having a man moment while mom presumably is tending to his younger brother.

Liev was spotted by several readers in Vancouver last week – he was in town for Wolverine – walking down the street. Apparently in person it’s a major quiver. He’s tall. Like legitimately tall. And a sexy beast. Was holding a ciggie sauntering down the block.

Have never had any loin action for him myself but if you do, I don’t blame you. He’s a beast. And a very, very good actor. I liked him on CSI. You?

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