As I noted when I went to Sundance, Like Crazy was the film I wanted to see most coming out of the festival. Click here for the original post. It may be the Blue Valentine of this year. A love story, also total improv. And the first trailer just dropped this week.

It’s good enough, and sweet, and still totally definitely want to see it and cry, but I’m a little bit tired of the “indie movie” trailer these days. Are you? The same few but a little different bars of haunting Feist-y voice music or instumental and then a quirky hipster, and they are the most quirky and different people ever, and you know the rest. The movies, they’re all different. I don’t mean the movies, that they’re unoriginal. It’s the trailers, the way they are cutting the trailers that feels tired to me.

Anyway, here’s Like Crazy, and also the second trailer to Restless. And please don’t come with a know-it-all hand and be like - those are wah wah two different songs and one girl is sick and the other is from England, or whatever, I get it. I’m just saying the rhythm of it, of so many of them, the rhythm is not fresh anymore. Agree or disagree?

Attached - Anton Yelchin at Comic-Con. He was SO cute, maybe even cuter because Colin Farrell can’t keep his shirt on.


Photos from Kevin Winter/John Shearer/