She always will be, right? Alexis Bledel could shave her head and go on to win an Oscar (HA) for playing an ex-con or something and she’ll still be Rory Gilmore. Duana is going to recap Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life so #nospoilers but we’ve been exchanging late night texts which consist mainly of me yelling at her to hurry up and finish because OMG THOSE FINAL FOUR WORDS. No spoilers.

Alexis Bledel was a guest on bandwagon jumper Jimmy Fallon’s show last night and when I watched these clips of Alexis giggling through the interview, it made me happy because Gilmore Girls withdrawal is a real thing that I’m going through right now and this gave me a much-needed fix. Jimmy asks Alexis to reveal her top 4 favourite GG characters who are not Rory and Lorelai and Alexis comes up with a list of people that does not include Emily Gilmore, Paris Gellar or Logan Huntzberger so I don’t trust her judgement at all. See, she’s totally Rory.

OK, let’s address the subtle Rory shade that happens in that clip and the onslaught of Rory hate all over the Internet. Again, no spoilers. I may not trust Rory’s judgment, partially because of what happens at the end of season 4 as mentioned above, but it also made me like her even more. Maybe the writers did “overcorrect” for Rory’s seemingly perfect exterior but THAT’S OK. I love Rory Gilmore, privilege, poor judgment and all. I can’t get into why and how much without stupid spoilers so I’ll wait until Duana’s recap is up before I write a 3,000-word defense of Rory Gilmore. Also, I knew I was going to go to school for journalism when I was too young to be thinking about university, just like Rory, so I may be a little biased.

Aside from Gilmore talk, Alexis and Jimmy also address the rumours that The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants might return for another instalment. Yes, please. Not only is Sisterhood the most watchable Blake Lively has ever been, but the second movie introduced the world to Woke Bae Jesse Williams. For that, we are forever in its debt. Alexis says that “they are working on it” which probably means nothing but let’s hope it’s something.