I love it.

Some of you are like, WTF with the earmuffs, etc, but I love all of it, earmuffs too. Which is why I saved this post for the last of the day. Seems like a nice way to end.

Lily Allen married Sam Cooper on Saturday. There were sleeves. There was a lot of lace. And an old fashioned headdress that, to me, was romantic and whimsical and sweet, like something from the 20s. All weddings look the same these days. Especially over here in North America. Strapless dresses and satin and such. Mine too. Lily chose something for her. It’s lovely.

Besides, she just looks so happy – apparently she’s pregnant again – it kind of infects everything else on her, around her. Speaking of headdress...

Sasha’s at her wedding, it was exquisite. I received her thank you note last week and remembered all over again how she had it positioned on her head. You should nag her ass to post a picture. Truly spectacular.

Photos from Wenn.com and Bauergriffinonline.com