Anne Hathaway wore her hair short for a while. She now appears to be growing it out. But there are many who are filling the short void. Kristen Stewart’s worn it short for a while now. You saw Scarlett Johansson go very short at the Oscars. Rosamund Pike has buzzed the back of her head. And Lily Collins too at the Vanity Fair party.

You like it?

Jordy, who is Key Hair on The Social, always says that it takes a couple of cuts after the initial one for a short style to really get grooving. Stewart is a good example. Click here and here to see what I'm talking about. You have to see how the hair responds and grows in to the new length. Once you find that sweet spot as Stewart has right now…steeze on.

I suspect then that Collins’s will just keep getting better. Right now I’m into the back more than the front. From a side angle it’s good. When you look at it straight though, it might need a little more shape. Her hair, like the others, has the texture for it though. Soft and light, growing flat to the head instead of straight up. Love that she’s trying it. Right now is the perfect time too.