Lily Collins is the star of the upcoming The Mortal Instruments film series, based on the YA books by Cassandra Clare. The first installment is due in August. You previously saw her in last year’s Mirror, Mirror. Collins has tried the celebrity spawn reality show thing, she’s tried journalism, and now the goal is a franchise, to occupy a place in Hollywood somewhere around Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence.

As you know, Collins’s dad is Phil Collins. So she’s been around this for a while. She probably had a head start in understanding how f-cked up the business can be. And still, she’s a young actress, 23 years old, in a competitive field, and, well, there are certain pressures.

Here she is last night at the Costume Designers Guild Awards. She’s wearing black, with a plunging front, and a white bow at the back. It’s a great dress. I’m also attaching shots of Lily a year ago, last March, at the premiere of Mirror, Mirror. She was already small back then, totally. And now... well...the face is all angles now. And whatever curve she had is gone.

This is what happens. I’ve seen it happen in front of me. At parties, I’ll be standing with an agent or some other industry person, and a perfectly gorgeous, fit girl will ask what she needs to get going, get cast. And they’ll tell her, well, you probably should lose some weight. In civilian society, she’d already be considered thin.

Not saying this was Lily Collins’s exact experience, but it’s not like it doesn’t go down like that every day.

The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones trailer is below.