Dear Gossips,

TIME Magazine released its list of the 100 Most Influential yesterday. As you know, the list is divided into 5 categories: Pioneers, Titans, Artists, Leaders, and Icons. And, to me, what’s more interesting than the list itself is how they group the people on the list and under which headings. Lin-Manuel Miranda was on one of the five covers, grouped as a Pioneer. Totally. As for the Icons? Consider the word, ICON. We heard it used a lot yesterday in sadness, and deservedly so. On the list of TIME’s Icons was golfer Jordan Spieth. Jordan Spieth is a great golfer. And given how destroyed he was after giving up his lead at the Masters a couple of weeks ago, with that kind of motivation, there’s no doubt he’s going to become an even greater golfer, maybe even a legendary golfer. But right now? It’s 2016. He’s 22 years old. He’s won two majors. Is he really an Icon yet? Rory McIlroy is 26 years old and he’s won 4 majors, one of only three players (Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods are the others) to have won at least 3 by the age of 25. He’s never been on TIME’s list of Most Influential People. Before you start huffing, I’m not here to drag Jordan Spieth. He’s talented and very nice and will hopefully continue to elevate his game. I’m just saying maybe we should take it easy on throwing an Icon label on people so that we can actually preserve the definition of the word Icon.

An Icon was honoured on Broadway last night. Videos are below.

Have a great weekend full of Lemonade and Dragons.

Yours in gossip,