Lin-Manuel Miranda’s first Oscars

Duana Posted by Duana at February 27, 2017 15:12:26 February 27, 2017 15:12:26

Hi you!

I don’t have to tell you this, but you’re getting pretty popular. People who didn’t know you last year call you ‘Lin’ now. I’m pretty sure your mom charmed everyone so much she’s about to get movie offers. Even your dog is famous:

It’s exciting times!

Now, it’s no big deal that you didn’t win the Oscar, and don’t listen to those people who talk about MacPEGOTs, as if that was really a thing—you don’t need that kind of pressure. 

But I want to point something out, and I know you get me when I say this…

…they won’t all be winners.

You are one of the most talented and prolific people in the entire entertainment business, but I know you know that not every musical is going to win Tonys and maybe not every movie you write the music for will be Oscar-nominated and there may even someday be a hot new musical on the horizon (by which, of course, I mean Come From Away), and I want you to know something…

I will still be there. I will still want to be a fan when you’re doing the thing that doesn’t make it into the history books and I will politely avert my eyes if you try something that doesn’t work. It’s okay when that happens—it might even have to happen, to grow. Ask J.K. Rowling about The Casual Vacancy next time you two are hanging out.

This might be silly, me saying this this way – I just think you could use a little reassurance that nobody stays at #1 forever, and that’s a totally natural, normal way to be.

Love, Duana

Oh, and P.S. Can someone speak to Seth Rogan and Michael J Fox and the writers? Everyone knows that the only reason to do a singing Schuyler Sisters joke that goes on that long is to round it off with “…and PEGGY.” Where was the ‘And Peggy’? I kept waiting, suspended like an unresolved chord. I know it’s a little tacky if you talk to them, but maybe send a little note? Fruit basket? I’m just saying. They should know.

P.S.#2 Okay, so they did say 'And Peggy'. Good! Our audio was out of sync which is probably why I missed it, but hey, I get that I was wrong. ... But could you tell Seth that the joke doesn't REALLY work unless you kind of land on it, super flat and...okay. Never mind. You're probably right. See you on Twitter, or...? Lin?

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