Click here for a refresher on Linda Evangelista vs Salma Hayek’s baby father. Evangelista and Francois Henri-Pinault are in court today in New York throwing down over how much cash money he owes their son Augustin. Pinault is apparently testifying today re: his finances and his lifestyle. You know, all the best details. Linda will be called tomorrow or Monday.

As previously noted, Linda is asking for $46K which to us is like holy sh-t mega greed, but that’s how much is allocated to Valentina, Salma Hayek’s daughter, the “legitimate” progeny and Linda claims she just wants it to be fair. She says she’d spend the money on security and nannies. So that Little Augie doesn’t have to live like a second class citizen (among the 1%).

Pinault is countering that this isn’t child support but “mommy support” and that Linda has enough money of her own to support Augie. According to Pinault’s people, Linda’s numbers don’t add up and her rationale “doesn’t pass the smell test”.

He said she said?

I guess.

Linda’s wealthy sure, wealthier than we are, of course. But she’s no billionaire. She’s a servant among billionaires. Pinault is a billionaire. And just as it is for middle class people, those with more money - often the men in these cases - have more power, influence, and control. This may be a case of greed on her part, or it could also be a smear campaign by someone who has unlimited resources smothering a weaker opponent. You pick your entree at the Gossip Buffet.

Me? I’m not sure how he could possibly miss $46K a month. That’s, like, 3 first class return trips from LA to Paris. And not even half of the cost of a private plane to make one trip.

Here’s Linda heading to court today.