Linda Evangelista has reached a settlement with her baby father Francois Henri-Pinault which apparently came as a surprise to the media waiting outside the courthouse today. Right now, as it just happened an hour ago, the terms of the deal have not been disclosed but...

Linda was supposed to testify today. And she was expected to talk about their relationship, about how he wanted her to abort the baby, about how he reacted like a dick when she told him she was pregnant, and other details about his personal life. Word is, Pinault, the billionaire, didn’t want his sh-t blown around all over Europe where he does business.


This is embarrassing. I don’t understand why he let it get this far to begin with. For many reasons. By his standard of living, private planes, private islands, Parisian real estate, what she was asking for - again BY HIS STANDARDS - is negligible. And hardly worth all this public drama. It’s a violation of rich people code. You are a BILLIONAIRE. Keep your sh-t tight. Write the goddamn cheque and move on. Unless of course you want your kid to grow up knowing you nickel and dimed his mother.

By the way, as a reminder, there is a $12 million trust set up for Valentina, Pinault’s daughter with Salma Hayek. He spends an average of 175,000 euros a year on holidays, 4,000 euros a month on business meals - that doesn’t cover non-business meals - 25,000 euros on accessories, and almost 50,000 euros on clothing per year.

Attached - Linda arriving at court today.